Chester gets new Welcome signs

by Michael G. Maness

Chester has two new signs to welcome those entering the city limits, one already up on the west side of town, the second to be posted soon east of town. Pictured with the sign in the city hall chamber are the full city council (l-r) Eric Holton, Mayor C. E. Lawrence, Vincent Incardona, B. E. Williams, Gale Williams and John Wayne Davis.

They convened at their regular time of 6 p.m., Monday, Jan. 6, passing the minutes from the previous meeting and receiving a brief and positive review of the new part-time office help.
The budget for the upcoming year was reviewed by all with a look at some of last year's major expenses, like the helicopter pad and other sundry items. City Secretary Annette Hickman was ready for any inquiry, and the board passed the budget. Hickman mentioned paying the dues to the Texas Municipal League and that the insurance was due on the building and vehicles, the latter coming due by the 15th of the month.

Mayor Lawrence introduced discussion on a recycle bin. A few citizens had asked him about the possibility of getting one. He had talked to a couple of other city managers, including City Manager Mandy Risinger of Woodville. The initial cost could be substantial, and Risinger suggested getting with Lufkin Recycling for a temporary bin to see where that might go. Lawrence said he would look into things a little closer and bring more information to the next meeting.

On a lighter but serious note, Alderman Gale Williams shared a photo of her new grand baby on her phone with Hickman, six premature and 4 lbs. 6 oz., just a wee one, the mutual and sisterly concern from one grandmother to another.