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Chester hires part-time help

by Michael G. Maness

The City of Chester hired new part-time employee Valerie Bryan.

The Council convened at 6 p.m. Monday night, Dec. 2, and approved the minutes of the previous meeting and the financial and gas reports.

They went into closed session to interview the two candidates who showed up. There were five applicants, and all five had been invited to interview.

When they reconvened in open session, they had decided to hire Bryan to work with City Secretary Annette Hickman two four-hour days a week.

City Supervisor Dale Clamon said the new SENSIT Gold G2 gas leak sensor was working great. If there is a leak, they will be on it, helping to keep citizens safe.

Chester Gas has supplied the city with new calendars, decorated with scenic vistas of America from Nova Scotia to California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are free at Chester City Hall.
On a light note, Mayor Elton Lawrence shared a photo of nice buck his son-in-law took down.