About Us

Did you know?

The Booster has over 2500 historical newspapers, dating back as far as 1883, available for subscribers online at This includes 50 complete years, two partial years, and 31 years with at least one issue. 1996 to 2008 are available in the office in bound books and have not been made digital yet. All others are lost to the Booster.

The Booster employs a total of four full time employees, 10 part time employees and three contract writers. In addition, we have five volunteer weekly columnists.

Approximately $300,000 annually is spent in Tyler County by the Booster...$200,000 of which is payroll directly to Tyler County residents.

Each week, an average of 40 community members and/or organizations, submit pre-written articles to the newspaper for publication at no charge. This is in addition to the submissions from paid writers and volunteer columnists.

In 2012, won first place for the best weekly newspaper website in Texas from Texas Press Association.

As of 2013, the Booster has a mobile App for smart phones.

Of the 16 regularly paid employees at the Booster, three are high school students, three are in their third year of college, one has an associates degree and six have a bachelors degree or higher (two are teachers currently in Tyler County).

When you subscribe to the newspaper in print and online, the total cost in-county is $25 per year...only 48 cents per issue. The print issue is delivered to you on Thursday through the post office, and the online issue is available to you by 10 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. Without the online version, the cost per issue is only 38 cents.

Delivery to newsstands begins in the afternoon on Wednesday each week.

The Booster still delivers the Advertiser free each week to 12 locations in the county.

Our biggest critics are individuals who do not read any newspaper. Most newspaper readers in our county are subscribers to their local paper...even if they are not always satisfied with the content.

It is proven, that communities who lose their local newspaper, suffer a significant decrease in voter turnout and community volunteerism.

The very first Tyler County Booster was December 11, 1930. We do not have that issue. The first issue we have is: Volume 1, Number 2, December 18, 1930. The publisher/editor/owner was Mr. J.H. Willard and Mrs. J.H. Willard was the society editor. Obituaries were two cents a word, paid in advance and a one-year subscription was $1.50.